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Daaaarling, listen! This weekend was abs and utterly fab! I went to a friends wedding in...in, Ulan Bator! That's right, Ulan Bator! At least I think that's where I was. Gave me an opportunity to wear my Mary Katrantzou dress with those out of the world leggings! Absolutely gorge! Oh noooooo, I don't think I outdid the bride. The locals' dress sense here is pretty similar. She did give me a dirty look though that I returned with a VB smile! But thank God Terry was there!!!! Dear Terry, he definitely gave me a thumbs up...


Clobber and Bollocks said:
OMG!!!!!! Sheer perfection!!!!!

Anonymous said:
What a load of tat! 

outfit posts ate my loan said:
Dear Santa....pleeeeeease!

Britney said:
Still no googlefriend connect! I wanna FOLLOW!!!

Kate said:
Shut up anonymous! This is the future of fashion!!!!!!!!

I Went To Uni said: 
Agree with Kate! Digital Printing is in fact the future of fashion. Love your Mary Katrantzou dress, Artful!

I Went To Boarding School said:
I agree with I Went To Uni, Clobber and Bollocks and Kate!  

Rich Fashionhorse said:
Oh gosh, abs utts fab dress! I prob have to get myself to Matches to buy this one. Def unique, gorge and already a lege!

Get your crappy comments from me said:

Oh my Hermes said:
Got to love Terry! Sooo talented! xoxoxoxoxo
Polyester Cotton said:
Reminds me of a lampshade with Ming vase design. Sick and wonderful.

Armadillo and Peonies said:
such a dreamy outfit. looooooove ulan bator, he's sooo nice!

Anonymous said:
uuuuuaaaaah, that Terry guy is really annoying. He's thrust himself upon us with his bloomin' thumbs up hasn't he!

Tiffany said:
Absolute awesomeness. Soooooooo a-m-a-z-i-n-g. 

Louise said:
This is art! Check out my blog! There's a giveaway worth something, NOT!

Stale wardrobe said:
groovy outfit, artful, this beats everything!

Sh.t blog gals said:

Fashionfox said:
Thank you for showing us your lovely dress and spreading love, my dear!

Really Dreadful Vintage said:
you look so great in all these colours

Boris said:
Nice photo. You are stylish. Nice colours.

Gerome said:
Terry!!!!!! Marry meeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. really nice drawing! i love your style!
    lovely greets
    maren anita


  2. Lovely drawing!

    Love your blog! Check out mine :)

  3. Hey! I'm a blogger based in Mexico, I came across your blog and I find it lovely! Maybe you can check out mine and we could follow each other! Hope to hear from you soon! Greetings from México!!