NYFW Fall 2012 - This Way Please!

Daarling? I'm in New York Daarling. Yes, Fashion Week! Just getting out of the cab. Snap. Snap. Hi folks, contain yourselves, contain yourselves!!! Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Hello. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Yes, it's Wang. Snap. Alexander Wang. Snap. Who I am? Anna Del..uuhm no...The Artful, guys! Snap. INSOUCIANCE. Snap. Snap. Look guys - over there - Bryan Boy! Gosh Darling, you still there? Just legged it! I tell you these street vultures are getting more and more every year and that short guy is there again. Which bag? Haven't got one with me, you know only unimportant people carry big bags to fashion week. Just the invite honey. Good job my Wang Parka's so roomy it fits all my clobber underneath, I could even sneak you in! Tweet yaaaa!

Parka Poncho with Fox Fur Trim by Alexander Wang
Boots by Alexander Wang


I think I'm beautiful said:
Kick-ass look!

Shane said:
Doing the Vampire look! Pretty pretty cool!

Anonymous said:
nananannananaananna BATMAAAAAN! nananananananananananananananana BATMAAAAAAN!

Rich Fashionhorse said:
Totes Amaze! Saw this on offer at net-a-porter! You're a lege!

Shit Giveaways said:
Loooooooove NYFW! Come to my blog and get a shit giveaway!

Outfit posts ate my loan said:

Gerome said:
OMG, love your monochrome outfit! Wang is so super contemporary! You're a babe Artful! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Cupcake Cutie said:
serious girl crush!

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  1. Serious blog crush (to quote your Cupcake Cutie follower...ah ah). Now that you made me use that expression, could you please post more often than once per month?