5 Days 5 Looks 1 Girl: Day 2

Met up with Mary in London for lunch to take her mind of the upcoming runway show on Sunday and have some girly talk.

Hi Mary, muah, muah!
Hi Artful, muah muah, how are you?
Fine thanks, Mary!
Oh Artful, your dress, it's super beautiful!
Thanks Mary!
It's not one of mine, is it?
Well, you see, I got it in China. It's a Kitrintzou!
A what?
Mary nearly spat her Quinoa salad all over me!
Erm...The Sweetyspongy Dress!!!
In next to no time Mary was having convulsions - of laughter!
Apparently I made her day!


  1. Oh Artful...you broke Mary's (digital) heart!

    1. I will make it up to her soon!