5 Looks 5 Days 1 Girl - Day 5

Day 5 - Paris

Hi Jean Paul, ça va?
Aaah, ça va bien, merci, Artful! Muah muah muah.
I siii you are wearing Gaultier, non?
Of course, Jean Paul, only for you. 7 days dressed in Jean Paul Gaultier!
Fantastique, and sii heels are sooo butiful!
Thank you very much, Jean Paul!
Mais Artful, siiis clatch, ceci n'est pas un Gaultier, non?
It's Lanvin, Jean Paul.
C'est tres jolie, Artful! Alors, are you coming to my défilé, Artful?
Of course, Jean Paul, so excited! Muah muah muah.
Jusqu'alors, Artful! Muah muah muah.


  1. OMG totally my favourite look of yours from fashion month ;)

  2. I can only echo Paola's comment...this JPG is my favourite look as well! Muah muah muah!