Ceci n'est pas le Pop-Up-Store Chanel

Hi Darling, ya ya, I'm back! Busy busy busy as always, Darling! No, it is not the Chanel Pop-Up-Store in St Trop, Darling! It's my Villa nearby! Super rad isn't it! I've been pimping it with the leftover Chanel Logo tiles from the Chanel Cruise Dubai tent from the island. Karl was so kind to give them to me after the show. Only thing is people keep knocking on the front door, asking if we've got the 2.55 in stock in this and that style...Go to Rue Cambon, s'il vous plaƮt!!! Got to go Darling, Taylor and Karlie are coming over to Shake it off! Tootles!

The Artful Poser is wearing Saint Laurent suit and Isabel Marant boots.
Tiles courtesy of Chanel

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