Welcome to Saint-Tropez

Artful on mobile: Yes Dahling, no, I've already completed the Montauk hoo-ha, actually I am super mega relaxing in St Tropez right now with my friend David Guetta in his massive Villa. What? You're here as well? No! Oh super duper! Daaaaaaavid!!!! Come out of your studio!
David: What up Artful? More cocktails?
Artful: Look David, over there!!!! 
David: Erm...Abramovich?
Artful: Nooo, look, it's Kanye on his yacht! Blinded by the reflection of my Spektre sunnies he knew it was me from a distance! Mooring in front of Senequier in a mo! C'mon David, off we go to Club 55!
David: Alright Artful, wait a minute, just gotta finish my new mega hit!
Artful to Kanye: Coming Daaaahling!!!!!!

Kanye West wearing his own design
Latest fab Edition of Insouciance magazine wearing Alexander McQueen, and yes, I’m on the cover again, but luckily for you it's going to be quite often this year!

12910 Artful Comments:

Insta-Addict said:
So obsessed with David!

Super Blog Bitch said
You are such an inspiration Artful!

Neon Pumps said:
I love your Bottega body! So adorable!

Outfit posts ate my loan said:
aww spektre sunnies. i want them so badly.

OMG Jimmy Shoes said:
Did you see Kate Moss on her yacht, Paris Hilton, Tara Reid, Jade Jagger, Lara Stone?

Svetlana Ugruislova said:
Oh, me ser tooo! Love, Svetlana.

Exit through the sh*t shop said: 

Fashion Crumpet said:
I love St Tropez! 

I raided Marni at H&M said:
Enjoy your holiday Artful! Love your jewellery and sunnies!

Leather shorts 24/7 said: 
I know I didn't mail back, but that's because you're too cool! You radster!

Twitter Twat said: 
So rad, gotta tweet it.

Tweet @twittertwat
Tweet @twittertwat
Tweet @twittertwat
Tweet @twittertwat

Abigail said:
Kanye is so great. OMG! Think I'm gonna faint...

Knock Knock! Who's there? Annoying Choupette here said:
Miu Miu

I Pin Broccoli Tree Houses said: 
Sorry, but why didn't you holiday with Anthony Kiedis?

Superduper said:
Aurelie Bidermann, thank you for introducing me to her, love the turquoise!

Don't you dare say anything against Prada or said: 
Go to the VIP Room and have a Mega Bolli battle!

Ceative Berlin Twitster but totally broke said: 

Squeel High Heels said:
I'm so in love with you Artful, David and Kanye. 

I went to boarding school said: 
Suits you so well Artful. Got the Kitty flats at net-a-porter, aren't they fantastic! 

Do I look good with streaks? said: 
No, not really!

I'm gonna be a star, I'm popular said:
I never wear flat shoes but the Kitty's are really cute!

Artist formely known as thug said:
Oh bitch! Isn't that yacht a bit small? And where's Kim?

50.000.000 clicks on youtube said:
Mega super duper excellent yacht!

Fashion Retard said: 
Spektre who?

Fashion Lemming said:
I die, the Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats! They are soooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooooo perfect on you! OBTTM!

Got a super trash Giveaway to giveaway worth like nothing
Got a super trash Giveaway to giveaway worth like nothing
Got a super trash Giveaway to giveaway worth like nothing
Got a super trash Giveaway to giveaway worth like nothing
Got a super trash Giveaway to giveaway worth like nothing
Got a super trash Giveaway to giveaway worth like nothing

I'm so gay I sweat more glitter than Brian Boy said:
Sooooooo cute! I mean David! muah muah!

Social Media Savvy Super Moron said:
Hooray! Finally you're on twitter!!!

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  1. Oh Artful, I'm so happy to discover that you share my love for the Charlotte Olympia Kitty flats! If you ever talk to Ms. Dellal could you please ask a pair for me as well?! Thanks darling!

  2. Knock Knock! So brilliant! Abs genius!

  3. It is so wonderful you got to Saint Tropez for the season. Hope you are perfectly relaxed and ready for the next fashion weeks sweetie.
    Thank You so much for your lovely 3 bday comment. Xxx