At Port Eliot

Recently a good friend gave me a call to invite me to a festival. I told Alex about it, and I couldn't quite remember who was playing there, sounded like something with Motor at the beginning I told him and Alex replied, "Oh, Motörhead, cool, I'll give you something to wear!". Would you believe it, dear Alex was so kind to help me out with this wonderful outfit! Said friend picked me up that morning, and when we got to the location, I couldn't make out any rocker dudes, just a bunch of hippies. "Motörhead? Nooooo", said my friend, "It's the Port Eliot Festival!" Duh! However I had a fantastic time, I bumped into Susie Bubble underneath the knitted tree, although I don't think she recognised me. Lovely streetstyle fashion photographer Dvora shot this cool photo of us both. It was a bit sweaty underneath that helmet, but boy did I have fun in the Hullabaloo with all the fairies and trolls!

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Style me chic said:
I was there as well! What a creative hub!

Anonymous said:
What a bunch of hippies...

I wear bell bottoms and I liiike it said:
I did the orange bit in that tree btw!!!!!!!! XXxXXXXXXXXX

I raided Marni at H&M said:
So magical and inspiring! I wish I had been there!

I went to borarding school said:
I 've been doing the bare midriff, like it a lot. Looks classy as long as you work it above the navel à la Prada!

I get free clothes and you don't nanananananaaaaa said:
You look so chic in Wang, I adore him!

Chiara said:
I never thought of wearing the matching helmet with that outfit! Must try it out myself! Thanks Artful for the inspiration!

I bulk buyed YSL Logo shirts said:
Oh wow Susie Bubble looks sooo fantastic. And so do you! xoxoxoxo

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  1. Need I say brilliant as always?

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  2. You are hilarious. I love this. Xxxx

  3. Artful, rock on!!! I look forward to a post from the Olympics...I'm sure Stella will be happy to give you the Team GB uniforms...

  4. Kate6.8.12

    I so love this!!!