When I met Karl...

Last night I was in Berlin to celebrate the opening of Karl Lagerfeld's exhibition "The Little Black Jacket". I waited for my chance and there he was: Dear Karl! I fired some questions at him, but I couldn't quite figure out if he was listening to me or his iPod. Maybe he was twittering Choupettes diary during our super crazy conversation or maybe not, but he kept speaking to me in French and calling me Laetitia the entire evening! Got to love Karl!

19394 Artful Comments:

OMG Chanel said:
He's God!

Berlin Twitster said:
I war auch da, aber ich habe Dich nicht gesehen!
Wieso standen die Blogger alle unten, und Karl oben?

FashionSquirrel said:
Lovely bright colors babe!!

I hate Ponies said:
That suit – Check. I have it on my wishlist!


I raided Margiela at H&M said:
I so adore him, a legend with a sharp tongue!


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