Closet Confidential

Last week ELLE Magazine visited me for their monthly feature Closet Confidential, one of my favourites, I must admit, although I'm pretty sure they wanted to have a sniff around! You might be familiar with it, if not, the ELLE team likes to visit female celebrities, designers, models and artists and rummages through their closets at their respective homes. The celebrity then bangs on about her influences, like, if you're still pretty young and chances are high you're an It-Girl, model and IPod Dj, you rattle on about your vintage Chanel blouses handed down from your Grandma, how big a fan of vintage shopping you are, because you think it helps personalize your wardrobe and how you most certainly would love to own Mum's closet. Of course Mum is a former supermodel with tons of Alaïa and Dad most certainly an aging rock star with a receding hairline.
So in my case, and not quite twenty anymore, the headline would read something like this:  
The influential avantgarde fashion ace and all around super-über-stylish Editor-at-Large of INSOUCIANCE Magazine gives us an exclusive glimpse into her personal wardrobe. 
Well sort of, I had to gently prepare them to the fact that I don't really have a proper one, my office is my closet when I'm in town.
Stupid me got muddled up with the dates and there they suddenly were...

E: Hello Artful!
A: Hi Elle! Actually I wasn't... erm, oh well, please come in. Mind your steps though. I only just arrived from Beirut, hope you don't mind the untidiness.
E: Oh, that'll be fine. Oooh wow, is that the Charlotte Olympia Pandora Plexiglass Clutch?
A: Yeah!
E: Oooh a total must-have! So chic! Oh, those neon Christopher Kane J Brand jeans - love them, still going strong!
A: Yes, would you like to take a pair home with you?
E: Erm...what are your must-haves this autumn Artful?
A: Tons of volume by Céline of course, lots of leather stuff by Wang, loads of Charlotte Olympia and I will be strutting it in Comme des Garçons! Oh, and without my iBunny, I still feel naked! Although I think it's time to swap it for a Moschino bear!
E: Wow, I see you like anchovis, Artful! Is that Pizza by Jonathan Meese?
A: No, actually that is the "Leftovers" installation by me! The anchovis light up when it's dark!
E: Sooo rad!
A: Thanks.
E: How would you describe your work, Artful?
A: It's kind of like a self portrait! Fashion and Art merge together, but I have the feeling the art world isn't quite ready for this yet.  
E: What are you wearing on that Hirst painting?
A: That's Margiela from some seasons ago. You know the pants and dresses you had to enter the room sideways in. A bit awk but sooo bloody bril!
E: I totally love your Comme des Garçons dress you are wearing today! May we shoot you in it?
A: Sure, wait a minute, let me stand in front of my Yayoi Kusama painting. There you go ELLE.
E: Thanks, Artful!! Spot on! You are beautiful and we super love INSOUCIANCE!
A: Thanks for visiting me in my humble abode! Love you, ELLE!
    Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap.

...and off they went... 

1001 Meaningful Artful Comments:

Alexa Dung said:
Ooooh Bauhaus! So rad!

I did not pre-launch Margiela for H&M on ebay said:
I love u Artful!

Squeal High Heeeeels said:
I want those Pom Pom heels and the Louboutins! 

The Blonde Salad said:
Wow Artful, you even got more comments than me!!!!!!!!

You are sooo shallow said:
You def wear it better than Lady Gaga!!!!!!!!

Fashioncrumpet said:
Can they ALL be my favorite!?! How can I pick??? Okay, the Chanel bag is gorgeous but the clutch is fab too =) 

Anonymous said:
i think it's the first and the last time that i say this but i don't like your shoes :OO

Swedish Peroxide said:
This is probably one of my favorite looks. I'm not a fan of complicated outfits, full of accessories and a lot of things put together and like this look for it's simplicity, it's comfy and easy to wear and the shoes gives it a bit of classy touch. I love it! 

Woohoo Dior said:

Outfit Posts Ate My Loan said:
I'll have one of those neon jeans!!!!!!!P-LEASE! Gimme Gimme Gimme!!!!!!!!!!

From Ugly Doll with Love said:

Colour Blocking Still Absolutely Freakin Everywhere said:
I sink you sooooo amazzing! Kisses from Russia!

I'm quite ugly but I flaunt my style said:
Blimey Artful, you fashion weasel!

Fashionablistabledidjfkdlsoejdlsoism said:
Well, these are definitely not low-cost items for most of the bloggers who visit your site...But anyway, the outfit is really fabulous! :o
I raided Margiela at H&M said:
Spot on, Artful! 

You got a retweet and I didn't, so I hate you said: 
Can't stand you!

My life for one of those Celine bags said:
You know I think you should wear some more black! 

Tweet Me Bad said:
Holy cow, awesome office and outfit!!! So inspiring!

Get Your Crappy Comments From Me said:

Candy said:
I love your outfit!

Mandy said:
Lovely outfit! 

Randy said:
Your outfit, I love it!

Fashion Bimbo said:
Your Outfit is so lovely!

Tiffany said:
OMG! Gonna die again! Your outfit is so lovely! No really!

Excuse Me, I'm Fashion said:
Is that all?

Excuse Me, I'm Fashion

Excuse Me, I'm Fashion

Excuse Me, I'm Fashion

Excuse Me, I'm Fashion

Excuse Me, I'm Fashion    

Anna Winter said: 
Superb Leftovers!

Carrie said:
Thanks Artful for giving us a glimpse into your wardrobe!

What do you think about my fringed leather skirt that I have published today?

Mikimoto aka Girlrepeller said:

Artist formely known as thug said:
Beats Jonathan Meese!!!! Ace!

I Art U said: 
Divine installation!

Verbal Fashion Diahrrhea said: 
what a lovely dress u are wearing sweetie! 
and ofc i love the whole look and u are such a beauty!
oh my God, you are wearing those shoes again :DDD they are so adorable :D btw, the see through bag is my favorite :D 

Mia M. said:
You are such a style inspiration for me! I always fall in love with your outfits, and pieces, and today, it's the Dress, wow! If only I could afford such lovely clothing like you x

Anonymous said: 
Mia M.!!! are you stupid or what? she gets the shit for free! and @Carrie: Yikes!

Art Dealer Hates Documenta but likes Frieze said:
That's not a Hirst, it's a Hurst!!! FF


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  1. Sandrine19.12.12

    Love the anchovis! I think you should hook up with the Unknown, you'd make an awesome couple!!!