at the art basel miami beach

Daarling, guess where I am! No, not Mustique! I am at the Art Basel Miami Beach! Doing some serious artsy fartsy mingling with the contemp artists! Totes amaze! Guess who's standing next to me? Noooo, not Damien! Noooo, not that Schnabel guy! You really won't believe it, it's BANKSY!!! Only problem is he won't take off my bloody Gareth Pugh leather balaclava, but believe me it really is him! Ey Banksy? Oh gosh! You know what, that Schnabel guy did a really beautiful portrait, I am seriously considering buying it. Who is it of? Uuuhm...got to rush Daarling, got to say hello to Sam...

Gold Lamé Dress by Stella McCartney
Leather Balaclava by Gareth Pugh
Eat the Rich Hoodie Banksy's own


Tiffany said:
whoa whoa whoa...that all gold number with that cool leather hat and Banksy?? somebody call the paramedics, because i DIE!!!!!!!!

Abigail said:
Woooo... :))))
1-You look beautiful as always...:))))))))))))))
2-Loved your style again..:))))))))))))
3-Loved your lipstick colour with that awesome dress..:))))))))))))))))
4-I hate that hat! :((((((((
5-Painting is soooo amazing! :))))))))))))))))
6-You're so cute :))))))))))))
7-Kissesssss!!! :)))))))))
8-Come to my blog too :)))))))))))

Bags of Style said:
Holy wow Artful! You're stunning and the composition of the painting is perfection.

Anonymous said:
Don't you work or something?

Best Bargain Bitch Shopper said:
Amazing bitch you!

Greg said:
That painting is divine. I hope you bought it!

Get your crappy comments from me said:

I went to Uni said:
How wonderful that you met Banksy! So talented and fun and one of our greatest if not THE greatest Stencil Artist in the world!

Rich Fashionhorse said:
Oh gosh! Abs totally bloody fabulous. I def agree, totes amaze! I have the same dress bought it at net-a-porter 20% off! So fab!

I got awards baby said:
I adore how that dress glistens with a tinge of gold. x
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Outfit posts ate my loan said:
Extreme jealousy!

Macarons Maniac said:
That pink reminds me of a yummy Ladurée Macaron!

Artist formely known as thug said:
Where do I get that mask?

A Pony named Pony said:
Can I buy that painting? The one with the "A"? Absolute Awesomenity!

Instagramaholic said:
C'mon Banksy take it off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I like the drawing.
    NRC ♥

  2. Alistair19.1.12

    Hey Artful, seems like the shit fashion girls stole your idea!

  3. babe,love your post ;D
    xx milla