Gooping with Gwyneth

Ok, I have to admit, I love Gwynnie, and as fate would have it, for an Insouciance feature I hooked up with the Goop Goddess at her house in London, you know the one with the mega huge kitchen, where Gwynnie serves up these impromptu make it look easy Michelin 3 star José Andres Mario Batali worthy amuse-bouches in her Creusets dressed in a casual marinière. Cannot deny the fact that the other part of me wanted to catch a glimpse of that famous rockstar husband! And I wanted to find out if life was really that macrobiotic, or whatever she was onto right now!  
Alright then, where was I? I had a fun day gooping around with Gwynnie passing along her mantra to me. So what did we Make, Go, Get, Do, Be, and See?  We made, do, we did, be, we were.... oh gosh, I got so muddled...

- What are we going to do Gwyneth?
- Nourish your inner self!
- Ok, I like that, I want to be like you Gwynnie, maybe then I can meet your famous popstar husband. Ok, let's do Do? Do shopping perhaps? Pffff, that's easy! Off to Céline, what do you think, Gwynnie? 
- No, we are going to Make, Go, Get, Do, Be, aaaaaand...iiiiit's.......MAKE Artful! MAKE! Origami Sushi!
- You mean like paper Nigiri and Nori rolls, Gwynnie?
- Exactly, Artful, I've got some square papers left from our last make your own sushi dinner. 0 calories, very healthy and soul cleansing!
- Ok, but what will we drink with the sushi? I do like my Rosé. Shall we open the booze I brought?
- Very kind Artful, but we have to drink Sake with the Sushi! Origami Sake that is!
- Origami Sake, my word, you do take things serious! 

The sushi turned out looking really tasty, but boy, I was seriously feeling undernourished by now, so I took to my Rosé inbetween the Origami Sake, whilst hearing a Michel Roux Jr. Masterchef verdict somewhere inside my head: "The presentation is soo stunning, but the taste is fe-rocious!"

After we had my hair done up into a DIY Japanese like bun, I was treated to a trendy Kimono. Mrs. Paltrow was transforming me into a GOOP Geisha! The Kimono was a budget version made of Mulberry silk for 15000$. What a catch! I like that, Gwynnie! I mean what is this? Were we seperated at birth or what?

- What now, Gwyneth?
- Be - Artful, Beeeee!!!!!!!
- Be - what, Gwyneth?
- Be - really tipsy, Artful!!! And because it's Saturday, we'll treat ourselves to a ciggie!
- That's easy, Gwynnie, I can do that! 

Now it was time to pass on my Mantra to Mr and Mrs Martin!

- Will you adopt me, Gwynnie? Please? 

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